Wait for it, wait for it….


One of the tensions of parenting involves the push-pull between waiting for your child’s next developmental achievement and not wanting it to come too soon.

“Don’t tell people she’s 11 months!” Francisco told me when Mariel was two days shy of that age. “Why do you want her to grow up fast?”

I so don’t….

But then there are those developmental moments when I realize that this little creature humming “Broo, broo, broorah” is becoming a– dare I say it?– toddler, and I get excited about it all.

Like the day we got together in Union Square Park with our friend Nancy:

Francisco took this photo as Mariel took her first tentative steps. You can see the looks on our faces- how amazed and joyful we are to have witnessed the moment.

What’s next, running?


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  1. How lucky the camera was ready at that precise moment! Perfect.

    (I love “brooah broorah.” Isaiah’s all about “dugga dugga doo.” I wish they could babble at each other!)

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