On wanting Mariel to feel good about her body


I felt a little jealous and a little sad last week when I read David’s account of taking his daughter, Layla, snowboarding; the emotions were acute when I saw the third and fourth photos of her actually on the board with him.

But I also felt something that wasn’t much short of awe, too: David was giving Layla this amazing gift, teaching her from an early age– before anyone else can get to her and “interfere”– that her body is this incredible, alive thing that can move and feel and take action. I’ve always wanted to feel that way, but the moments when I have are limited. Really, the only ones I can remember are, strangely (?), the second trimester and Mariel’s birth.

I don’t know; I’ve just never been “good” at physical things.

One of the many things I want for Mariel is for her to feel good about her body, to know it, to know what it can do, to know its limits and to push them. So we’re getting started…


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  1. I think it’s also easy to look at how others are working with their kids and to compare. Please don’t 🙂

    It will come for Mariel as kids are naturally curious, active, and adventurous. Just continue to keep her moving and exploring.

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