How to feed a baby solid food in two simple steps.


If you were to take a poll of 10 people who know me well, all 10 people would tell you that I don’t like a mess.

It’s not that I’m obsessively clean (I’m not), but I don’t really enjoy getting my hands dirty and even though I’m the type of person who will wear a pair of jeans four times before I wash them, I don’t like having funky clothing.

As you can imagine, then, our gradual transition from milk to solid food has taken some getting accustomed to.

Babies don’t naturally know they have to chew and swallow, which is why solid food has to be pureed or ground to a fine, thin pulp. Combine the consistency with the type of food they eat–pasty rice cereal and bright orange carrots thus far–and there is absolutely no way that you are coming out the other end of a meal food-free.

Don’t even try to fight this. And don’t assume a bib will is a highly effective food trap. It is, but then your baby turns her body toward yours and you’re chest to chest, with her sticky bib transferring food onto your clean t-shirt.

So here’s how you feed a baby solid food in two simple steps.

1. You set everything–and I do mean everything–aside and you definitely don’t wear anything you want to keep newish.


2. You just give in to the fact that you’re all gonna get messy and that it’s okay. And then you go take a bath.

In other news–but still baby related–I’ve begun writing occasional articles about parenting for Pea in the Podcast. Absolutely nothing qualifies me to write these pieces other than my own bumbling efforts to be a good and cool parent, so if you’re okay with that and you want to read my articles, you can do so here.


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  1. my strategy: naked feeding! then staight to the bath. (naked baby, not naked mama–though that would cut down on laundry even more…hmmmmm…)

    mariel gets cuter every day–i want to squeeze her so bad!

  2. Pea is the Podcast is a great site! I’m so glad you shared the link to your articles. I should totally be working on my Chaucer paper but am sucked in now…

    • Thanks, Heather. Unfortunately, the gig is already over–they wanted to move to a lower fee structure and I decided that wouldn’t work for me, but I enjoyed it while it lasted!

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