Monthly Archives: March 2010

What would I do without my Francisco?


Francisco is leading a tour this week, which means that he is with a group of people 24 hours a day for the next six days.

And that means I am temporarily a full time single parent.

I thought, silly me, that this would be a week of absolute productivity. When Mariel napped, I’d be 100% distraction free and would get so much done.

But one day into this, and I’m thinking, “What would I do without my Francisco?”

The sink is still leaking (which I’d forgotten about until I washed dishes a few minutes ago and felt sudsy dish water trickle out onto my feet), which means the cranky super has to come fix it. Which means I have to call him. And it also means the sink is still full of dishes because did I mention that I made dinner last night?
I did. And I also stuck a wooden spoon in the blender, chunking it into 100 pieces and feeling generally distressed that half a head of the $2.50 cauliflower spattered across the kitchen wall.

You see, Francisco usually handles these things.

I have a 1/4 bag of cereal spread across the kitchen floor because I decided *not* to cook breakfast but eat cereal from the bag that has a hole in it. Oops.

I managed to take a bath with one hand as I held Mariel in the other, but subsequently crawled back into dirty pajamas, so maybe those two actions cancel one another out.

Hurry home, Francisco, distractions and all!