What’s keeping you from being this happy?


I know- adults have more responsibility, more awareness about the world’s troubles, but still….


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  1. she looks like mom! isaias watched this with me, and okay, i’m sure he had no idea what he was looking at, but he SEEMED extremely interested in Marielita…

    • Do you think so? We can’t decide! 🙂
      I’m all about Isaias and Mariel getting together!
      How are you? I think about you all a lot.

      • I totally think she looks like you–but who knows? Today within the space of five minutes one random stranger said of Isaias that he looks EXACTLY LIKE ME, and another that HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE IBIS ONLY GUERITO.

        We’re doing pretty well–lots of changes, yet again. Sigh. But echandole ganas. 🙂 We were bummed to hear about Francisco continuing immigration problems–we were hoping to lure ya’ll down to Oaxaca soon.

        Abrazos a todos!

    • Ooh… not sure who the musicians were. We had Pandora on and it was a Latin American music channel I’d created. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

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