My 2010 resolution: Be more like Mariel


We can learn a lot from babies.
Or at least we can learn a lot from Mariel.

Here are some lessons she’s teaching me:

1. Wake up smiling every morning.
No joke, Mariel smiles first thing every single morning. It’s an incredible way to start the day. If we all smiled at each other first thing, our lives would probably go much more smoothly. It’s worth trying, no?

2. Eat when you’re hungry. Sleep when you’re tired.
Don’t let other people dictate your schedule. You know your body best.
Even if you’re only three months old.

3. Give love freely and don’t worry about being needy.
It’s all about the give and take.

4. Be curious. Delight in simple things.
Explore your world. Find pleasure in it. And don’t hide that pleasure.


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