Everything we need is in my bag


I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: When you’re pregnant or you’re a new parent, there’s no shortage of people waiting to dispense advice on just about every topic. They want to tell you what worked for them and what didn’t and why it will or won’t for you.

I appreciate it, I truly do, but sometimes I just want to say: “I respect your experience, but could you please just be quiet for a second and let me have mine?”

Take, for example, the matter of traveling.

Everyone I know who’s not a regular traveler assured me that traveling with Mariel would be hard. “Kids need so much stuff,” I heard over and over again. “You just won’t believe everything you have to carry.” And so on and so forth.

But having now taken two trips with Mariel and gearing up for two more–one to St. Thomas for #blogparadise and one to the South for Christmas)– I have to say that’s not my experience at all. I haven’t felt that Francisco and I have been any more weighed down with her than we are with our (ahem, HIS) stuff (You can read all about THAT here). As I’ve already mentioned, she’s the perfect Buddhette on flights.

And as far as the gear we have to bring along for her? Minimal. Everything we need is in my bag:

It's all about that black bag.

-a sarong: used to cover changing tables or to serve as an improvised, on-the-fly changing spot
-6 diapers
-a pack of wipes
-a couple of bottles (or more, depending on the duration of the flight/ride)
-a tete (pacifier)
-spare set of clothes
-Giffy the Giraffe

That’s just her stuff. A laptop, notebook, pens, keys, wallet, passport, a book or two, and a couple magazines fit in there, too.

The bag, by the way, is a Baggallini I bought three years ago at the gym for $80 and which has been to Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, Brazil, and God knows where else.

If you need some packing tips yourself–kids or no kids–check out this video from packing pro, Benny Lewis.


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  1. Argh, advice is one of the worst things anyone can lay on you, especially when it’s unsolicited. I don’t doubt you have it under control and that Mariel is well-taken care of, inside and outside of the house. I’m late to the party, but that photo of her little legs and feet is absolutely edible!

  2. I just read my Mom this post, and I think she almost cried. She is so happy that Mariel loves Giffy!

    We can’t wait to see you guys again soon.

    Love, Maggie

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