A couple days ago we received The Bill.

Which deserves caps because it’s a Big Bill.

Having a baby in the US costs a lot of money.

Several thousand dollars to be exact, and that’s *after* insurance reimbursement.

We have a few friends who have delayed having children, have decided not to have children, or who have been worried when they learned they were pregnant because they’re concerned they just don’t have enough money to raise a child.

Unfortunately, all of them are precisely the people you’d want to have children.
The other night we were watching the movie “Parenthood.” There’s a scene in which one of the characters reflects upon his childhood (he was abused by his father), saying something to the effect of “You have to have a license to drive a car. You have to have a license to buy a dog. To go fishing. But anybody can be a parent.”

Since I’m sleep deprived I’m not entirely sure how to tie these two ideas together neatly, but I think there’s something there. Why do we make birthing so expensive… and parenting utterly without qualifications when it’s the single most important job in the world?


[If you want to see the clip from “Parenthood”, it’s below… fast forward to 5:07 for the license speech.]


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  1. Goodness! My friend/colleague who recently had a baby also got The Bill. So looking forward to Sweeeeden and its “social” state a lot more.

    That alone should be cause for reform, but noooo….

    I digress.

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