Is this what parenthood does to a woman?


(The more frightening question is: What will this woman do to parenthood?)

Found this on the Pampers Village site (Yes, I was actually on there):

Posted at 10/17/09 – 04:19 a.m.

my 3 month old daughter iz such a nightmare 2 get 2.sleep.! i dnt understand it shez alwayz awake thru the hole day. juzt like a quik 10 minute nap here and there so i wuld think she wuld easily go 2 sleep…. WRONG.! she wantz 2 b up n play until like 1 in the morning. wen i lay her down she juz stayz awake trying 2 play lol. and im a working mom also going to school full time so itz hard trying 2 stay up so late waiting for my crazy little daughter 2 fall asleep haha. kan sumbody giv me ne advice on helping her get 2 sleep earlier.?

I’m sad to say that you just can’t make this up.


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