Why NYU won’t be receiving any alumni $ from me


Dear NYU:

That’s it: you’re overrated.

I’ve thought this since 2003, when I graduated from the Ehrenkranz School of Social Work (recently renamed, if I’m not mistaken, the Silver School of Social Work. Money, it seems, trumps the need for continuity… hope someone remembers Silver used to be Ehrenkranz if anyone ever wants to confirm my degree) and refused to go to the graduation ceremony because I was just so glad to be finished… the program was that bad.

But what I heard today from another new mom and member of your faculty really beats all. Despite your progressive reputation, despite political correctness, despite laws, you’ve failed, it seems, to accommodate nursing moms on your faculty, relegating at least one woman to a maintenance closet to pump breast milk. Despite all the research substantiating the benefits of breast milk, you’re effectively denying babies all of those advantages, because really: who can pump breast milk when she’s surrounded by mops, brooms, and the sounds of the boiler? What kind of message are you sending women and babies when you send them to a closet? I have a hard time believing you can’t do better–way better–than that.

I don’t have any money to give you, but even if I did, I wouldn’t. Not unless you promised me that you’d build an enormous, comfortable room where women could pump milk and nurse without shame, and that it would be built in my daughter’s name.


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  1. I love this post! I work from home now(thankfully) but was concerned during my pregnancy as I had hopes to breastfeed;however, my office did not have a dedicated “Mothers Room”. When I inquired about one I was told that a conference room could be “borrowed”. It was disguisted. I loved breastfeeding and took great pride in doing it. To be able to provide in that way for your child is amazing to me…I could not understand how my company could so carelessly “lend” me a conference room. In the end it worked out- I starting working from hoem right after Maxwell’s birth. They still don’t have a designated room and from what I hear- most companies don’t which makes me sad. Your post fired me up- thank you! I hope you are all doing well!

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