Yes, thank you; our daughter *is* a three week old genius.


We’ve just come home from our first big event outing: the press preview of the newly renovated El Museo del Barrio.*

Mariel got all dolled up for the opening: Granny would be happy…all pink and lace and bunny slippers that I confess to having bought (yes, they ARE adorable). She even wore a hat.

She made us proud, waking up just in time for the press conference, staying sentient long enough to down a bottle of milk and charm the pants off every woman seated within three rows, and promptly snoozing as soon as we started touring the galleries. I’d add a photo here to prove this, but the photo also proves that I appear to be developing a double chin along with our daughter, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The women next to me and behind me weren’t really doing their jobs. They had their little reporter pads out, scribbling occasional notes, but really, they were whispering about Mariel, saying how beautiful and good she is (right on) and remarking about how advanced she seems for a three week old–“so alert, so focused.”

Lots of people have remarked on this attribute of alertness, so I’m inclined to believe that our dear girl does exhibit some extraordinary tendencies.

Yes, thank you; our daughter *is* a three week old genius.

*The museum’s collection is wonderfully curated so that the influence of New York in Latin American artists’ work is highlighted. Far from being a forced theme, the selection, presentation, and context of the works are illuminating, even for people who know the artists and their work well.

The redesign of the museum looks as if it was effortless (quite the contrary) and I’ve never seen a more colorful lobby, begging people to come in.

The cafe serves up some delicious, steamy corn and cheese tamales (yes,served in corn husks), and the chicken mole empanadas were pretty tasty, too, neither bland nor spicy.

And finally, for parents, the bathrooms have changing tables… an increasingly important feature in my evaluation of any public space.

The grand reopening is this Saturday, October 17. There’ll be music, theater, and other activities, which you can read about here, and admission will be free.


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