Mariel’s Soundtrack


Music has always been an important part of our relationship.

I remember what we were listening to (Dave Matthews Band) the day we started “dating”, where we were (in my car, driving on the West Side Highway along the Hudson River), and exactly what Francisco said to me (“You must be happy because you’re singing”).

Though 3/4 of our music collection is currently stored in boxes in the basement, we’ve got a little something for every mood, every letter of the alphabet, and almost every country on the planet.

Given this, it’s natural that we’d start introducing Mariel to music early on.

Today, thanks to this tip from Lola, we downloaded about 10 world music albums for free and spent the afternoon dancing to some jazz, funk, and reggae. If anyone else had been looking on, they’d have thought it was a strange three person dance, but for us it was beautiful.

Afterward, we talked about the songs we’re going to put on Mariel’s soundtrack. Here’s what we have so far:

*Father and Daughter: Paul Simon
*L-O-V-E: Nat King Cole
*Your Song: the Ewan McGregor version
*Mi Nina: Jose Jose
*Love’s Divine: Seal
*You Are the Sunshine of My Life: Stevie Wonder
*Isn’t She Lovely: Stevie Wonder
*I Can’t Give You Anything But Love: Billie Holiday version
*S’Wonderful: Joao Gilberto version

A good Saturday.


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