Lucky. Grateful.


Tuesday morning. 9:42.

Sitting in front of the computer with my list of things to do:

*format incredible photo essay about going inside Brazilian prisons, which will be published later today on MatadorChange.
*interview Susan, who won free tuition to Matador U, Matador’s travel writing program.
*finish an editing project about healing function of poetry in society.

In the background, the BBC. The announcer is talking about a new study that shows the children of working moms somehow turn out worse off than the kids of stay-at-home moms.

God knows if this is true– I’m always skeptical of research; there are so many variables and interpretations that often fail to be considered–but as I type, I feel lucky. Grateful. Because Mariel is lying on the bed next to me, sleeping. Francisco is in the living room, editing a video. And I have work that allows me to be as present as any working mom can be during this most beautiful, precious time.


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  1. My mother stayed at home to raise myself and my brother, and we’re still messed up. 😉 It’s all about how you do it, and you’ll be perfect!

  2. The headline on that BBC item is unreal. No “some” to add to the “children,” no “study finds,” no qualification whatsoever. Reminds me of when my first-year psych textbook ranked divorce as up there in a top three worst childhood traumas – along with child abuse and sexual assault. Sigh.

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