Layla’s First Trip to the Movies


If you read Spanish, I hope you already know about Laura Bernhein’s wonderful blog, Familia Natural. Laura is David Miller’s wife (David, if you don’t know, is a writer and the senior editor at Matador), and she’s created an incredible community, online and off, of moms who are raising their children consciously. Her writing, besides being beautiful, has been profoundly helpful to me, even when I fail to check my Google Reader for weeks on end.

David and Laura’s daughter, Layla, just celebrated her second birthday. If you’ve never read David’s account of Layla’s home birth, which is in English, please do. And if you have, read it again- I want to see this published somewhere some day. I’m grateful to David and to Laura for providing an example of engaged, attentive parenthood to us.

I was so excited to catch up with Lau’s blog this morning and read about Layla’s first trip to the movies. It’s quite possibly the most precious story ever, so if you read Spanish, click on over– it’s short but absolutely lovely. (Lau- maybe you’ll translate it to English….?)


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