Registry Update


Nine months *should* be enough time to set up a baby registry, I know.

And I’ve had the best intentions, I really have. First, I wanted to find a registry that supported independent businesses, preferably affordable, and that was (hopefully) located in New York so you could shop online but we could pick up gifts here, thus minimizing the carbon footprint of gift-giving. I really spent hours looking for this ideal business. It doesn’t exist.

I got so frustrated (and busy) that I dropped the whole enterprise for a couple months. I realized I didn’t really know what we’d need anyway.

Back in July, when we were in Spartanburg, we went to Target and wrote down about 6 or 7 items we thought we’d need. We’d give in to corporate America and do the Target registry. Anyone who wanted to use it could and it was affordable at least. Hours later, though, I’m here to tell you that Target has the worst online interface for registries ever… one case in point being that not all of the products Target actually sells appear to be eligible for the registry. Huh.

So… here’s the deal: we’re not doing a registry. If you want to send a gift, please send your good wishes or your favorite children’s book. That’s more than enough.


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