What cocktails and the gym sauna have in common


Honest to God, pregnancy has not been a bad experience (well, there are a few exceptions, and you know about those, all of which occurred in months 1-3). I have no right at all to complain about anything.

And so I won’t.

But I would like to say this: I’m really looking forward to two things that have been prohibited for the past nine months: (1) cocktails and (2) the gym sauna.

I sure wouldn’t mind if the hospital overnight bag had a shaker, a bottle of St. Germain, and another of vodka packed alongside the receiving blanket and my toothbrush. And I also wouldn’t mind if they whisked me away shortly afterward and deposited me inside the gym’s sauna.

Goodness, I miss these things!


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  1. I hear you sister–my only legitimate complaints about pregnancy are the peeing-twice-a-night thing and my increasingly reduced mobility….But there damn well better be a cold beer in the fridge when this kid finally comes out–and I’m heading for the nearest temazcal as soon after the birth as I can manage…

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