Elida says she’ll live to be 100 years


It seems that being laid up for the past seven days has made Francisco’s mom exceptionally talkative.

Last week, Elida fell down the stairs in her apartment building, somehow managing to avoid breaking any of her bird-light bones. But since then, she has been in bed, where, Brayan says, she continues to rule her roost, complaining about the videos he brings her to watch and the sweets he brings her to eat. Very little makes her happy, though that’s nothing new.

What did make her happy, though, was the fact that Francisco called last night. Who cares how she feels? she asked him, “How’s Julie?” and “How’s the baby?” He responded with the obligatory report, noting that all parties are well and that the due date is September 25.

“I’ll live to be 100 years old!” she said, interrupting him. “I don’t care if you have 10 more children, but I will live to see your first child and the first girl.”

Asi es Elida.


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