Upon seeing old friends & acquaintances in Puerto Rico


This week, we’re in Puerto Rico; each of us is leading 7 day educational tours of kids and adults around the island.

The first leg of the trip had us in San Juan, where we lived between February 2005 and December 2007. I happened to run into a few different acquaintances and old friends, and it was fascinating to listen to people’s reactions to my growing stomach:

“Oh! I’m so happy to see both of you!” (me and the not as of yet debuted baby)


“Oh! You’re pregnant. I thought you’d just gotten fat since the last time I saw you.”

Guess which one made me feel better?


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    • Hal-
      We start in San Juan, visit Old San Juan, tour El Yunque and swim at Luquillo Beach. Then we head south, stopping for a night in Ponce, and southwest, where we spend two nights in La Parguera, where we snorkel and “do” the bio bay. Then it’s back to San Juan as home base and day trips to Arecibo and Camuy Caverns. Francisco’s tour was a bit different; he also gets to go to the wonderful Las Cabezas de San Juan, a Nature Conservancy site.

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