My Left Breast


*Warning: This post is likely to contain what you will consider to be TMI. If the title alone frightens you, skip reading 9mos today and come back tomorrow. 🙂

I’ve always had small breasts.

So small, in fact, that my brother jokingly calls them mosquito bites.

It’s not something that’s ever really bothered me; over the years, I’ve grown to be quite content with their size. Any larger and they’d cause all sorts of inconveniences.

Which is why I’m really troubled by the fact that my breasts are bigger. Especially the left one, which has always been the larger of the pair.

It’s one of those changes that seems to have taken place overnight. I woke up one morning a couple weeks ago and noticed it felt heavier; it definitely needed more support. It’s uncomfortable and annoying and I don’t really know how women with large breasts ever really get used to them.


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