Everybody and their mother…


Lately, everybody and their mother’s been trying to sell me a mothering class.

Twice this week I’ve received a phone call from my insurance company, offering me free supportive classes in preparation for motherhood. Today, at the gym, a woman at the membership table excitedly handed me a maternity class flier and then worried she’d mistaken the baby bump for a pancetta-induced paunch. “Oh, um, I hope I didn’t make a terrible error,” she stammered. “You didn’t,” I said, “no worries,” as I glanced at the class description, its requirements (“a sense of humor! and a baby!”)… and its price tag. Then there was the list of “27 different classes!” offered by the birthing center: Japanese Baby Care/Feeding; Marvelous Multiples Lamaze; Hypnobirthing; Breastfeeding; and on and on. Two of them I have to take if I want to give birth at the birthing center– and they’re “filling up fast!” (and they cost a few hundred bucks… of course).

It’s nice to know there’s so much support available for learning how to be a mother, but as I was telling my mom last night, I wish there was more support for helping women before becoming mothers– and helping them figure out what they need to know during pregnancy.


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  1. Good grief. How did children survive before all of this? I, and I’m sure most of my friends, never went to any classes. We followed our instincts and called our mothers. Relax – it’s not that complicated.

  2. I know it seems overwhelming but that is what other mothers are for and just connect. get the book waht to expect while you are expecting and it will kinda give you an idea of what to look for. The biggest part is to have someone you just can talk to and the rest will come. it will I promise. I did it by myself …. and didn’t know anyone here and my mother was never available anyway. It’s okay. Trust me on this.

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