Handsome Dad


If you’ll permit me to say so, Francisco might just be the handsomest dad ever…

Francisco, May 2009

Francisco, May 2009


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  1. yes he is…..he is very kind hearted, patience and knows where his priorities are….which are you and the baby…so what more can you ask for? Funny….but I do feel that you both are so simplicitic and easy that …this is no big deal…just one mor to pack for…it will be the most rewarding, joyful frusterating thing you have every done…I do not regret one day…frusteration absolutely…but I wouldn’t trade it for the world…I am very glad I am Jackson’s mother. God chose me specifically to put mine and his fathers DNA and all of that chemical stuff to make one perfect human being and he will always be perfect in my eyes. amazing…AMAZING

  2. hola julianita!!!puedes comentarle al estimado panchito!!!que con esas grenas se parece a claren cidorf, jugador holandes…muchos saludos y ojala el proximo year nos volvamos a ver….saludos y que esten muy bien…hasta pronto!!!!!!

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