Pregnancy: One Long Lesson in Humility


Pregnancy is incredible: for nine months (a duration that occasionally seems like a lifetime but more frequently feels far, far shorter) you’re a student in the School of All You Do Not Know.

Here’s a list of recent lessons, most learned during the past two weeks:

*I had no idea how much maternity clothes cost and still can’t understand why they’re more expensive than “regular” clothes when I’ll only be able to wear them for a few weeks.

*I had no clue (and still have no clue) what exercise, besides walking and swimming, is “permissible” during pregnancy. Don’t Google this: you’ll only be more confused than you were to begin with.

*I don’t know, still, whether I actually have to make an appointment at the birthing center in order to actually have the baby. I’ll find out tomorrow, though.

*I had no inkling that you really have to do this–“this” being pregnancy–a few times before you get it just right.

*I still have no real understanding about what actually raising a child requires. Good thing Francisco was around for the first 7 months of Brayan’s life and has at least some basic infant-raising experience. How often does a baby eat? How much should it eat?

I have about a bazillion questions about birth and parenthood. I write them down in a little notebook, like a student, ready to write down the answers.


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