Thanks, Teresa & Ibis!


Is there anything better than receiving a present?

Earlier this week, a box from Mexico appeared on our doorstep… a gift of two huipiles from our friends Teresa and Ibis, who are also expecting. “I hope the colors aren’t too garish,” Teresa wrote, “Ibis insisted on happy colors.” Francisco was thrilled, as my wardrobe is heavy on the black.

As I write this, I’m sitting at my laptop, comfy in a blue huipil embroidered with red, orange, pink, and yellow flowers. It makes me miss Mexico and makes me wish we could be sitting at a table with Teresa and Ibis, laughing, talking, and eating.

But since we’re in New York and they’re in Oaxaca right now, I’ll do the next best thing, which is encourage you to go read Teresa’s recent articles about weavers from Teotitlan del Valle. The swine flu mania has caused tourism–the mainstay of the community’s economy–to plummet. Fortunately, Teresa is there to document what’s going on. I hope you’ll take some time to read her beautiful writing:

Notes on Oaxaca Since the Swine Flu

An Awkward Hug and No Chocolate

What’s Being Lost

And thanks, Teresa & Ibis!


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  1. Loved the articles on Oaxaca – would love to see it. Any chance they could sell their rugs through Ten Thousand Villages or over the internet? Maybe Oaxaca could have a web site with goods from all their vendors.

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