Things You Don’t Want to See at Your Midwife’s Office


I’ll admit that I was a little, um, cranky when I got to the midwife’s office on Friday.

First, the office assistant–who’s just NOT a good communicator–called to cancel an appointment scheduled for last week that apparently shouldn’t have been canceled. And I got a cranky phone call from the midwife saying, “Hi, where are you?” Then, this appointment, which was the rescheduled one, also got rescheduled because the midwife was called to a birth.


I get to the midwife’s office and there’s no one at reception. There’s no one there for about 10 minutes. And while I’m waiting for someone to appear, I notice a poster on the wall that either wasn’t there last time or I just happened not to notice while I ran between the waiting room and the bathroom to throw up.

“Get rid of your wrinkles with Botox.”

Really? In a midwife’s office?

Believe it or not, I’m speechless. There’s nothing else to say about the poster other than it was just plain wrong and shouldn’t have been there.

That is all.


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