The State of the Stomach Address


I’ve been quiet for a few days because:

1. I’ve been getting together with some amazing people, like Sara and Ben;
2. I’ve been attending some incredible discussions, exhibits, and events;
and then writing about them;
3. I’ve been helping to promote Brayan’s photo exhibit that opens in Havana tomorrow, as well as help his collaborating photographer figure out how to work around the swine flu travel restrictions and get to Cuba.

And, yes, I’ve been to the doctor.

Francisco went along with me for the anatomy sonogram yesterday, and despite the fact that our little one was deemed uncooperative–too active–and difficult to photograph (sounds like me), it was finally decided that the baby is a girl!

Francisco was so busy asking questions and marveling at the thumb sucker on the screen (yes, she’s sucking her thumb!) that he forgot all about his plan to film the sonogram clandestinely (no filming, photographing, or cell phone use allowed). We received a little scroll of photographs that he promptly declared he’d frame and which he came home and kissed and chattered about for hours.

Other developments are making the baby’s growth visible and real. We’ve switched sides of the bed, and despite my earlier boasting that it’s never really mattered to either of us which side we sleep on, it’s not true. Francisco had three nightmares in a row after the new arrangement went into effect, he gets up to pee almost as much as I do, and he’s a cover grabber from the inside.

Other signs: My stomach is getting round. Complete strangers ask me loudly on the train if I’m pregnant. “Yes.” “Is it your first?” “Um, yes.” And I’m glad the doors open and it’s my stop, because Lord knows what the next question would be. Everyone–not just Francisco–tells me to pee (or, in the stilted and unreal language of medical professionals: “to empty your bladder”) before I make a move to go anywhere or do anything.

And it’s all good. We’ve reached, and now passed, the halfway point of the pregnancy. There’s still lots to do before Mariel makes her debut in this world.


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  1. Oh Julie I am so happy for you two! Congratulations over and over. I can’t wait to see you when I get to Flushing (May 19th). I have been ordered to take pictures for Rose.

    Again, congratulations, and I can’t wait for Mariel to grace us with her presence.

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