Two Types of Love


My mom and I were having a conversation over the weekend, which, of course, eventually turned to the topic of babies.

My mom and her friend, also about to become a grandmother, had been talking about parental love versus the love of grandparents.

What she wanted to say was that I shouldn’t worry that she’d love her grandchild more than she loves me.

It’s funny– I’ve always been insecure when it comes to love, but the thought never occurred to me that my mom might love her grandchild more than she loves me. I’ve worried about all kinds of love, but not this one.

Here’s how I see it:

A grandparent doesn’t have to worry that love will be tinted by the frustrations and disappointments that are part of parenting. A grandparent has already overcome the learning curve of all things baby-child-adolescent related, and can simply be present to all the pleasure without direct responsibility. In other words, they can enjoy simply being with the child rather than having to worry (so much) about its needs being met. It’s a love a grandparent has earned, for sure, and it’s love on a different plane. I’m excited for my parents that they’ll get to experience that love soon.

And as for me, I do know I’m loved. Really. There’s enough love to go around.


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