Champagne Taste, Beer Pocketbook


Since telling Francisco about seeing the sonogram version of the baby rocking around in my belly with her little fists and little feet, we’ve been a bit more proactive about planning:  This is happening. This is real. This is…um… soon.

So this afternoon we braved the rain and went to a baby store  to browse and get an idea about some of the items we’ll need to buy. We arrived in time for a stroller demonstration. Moms-and-dads-to-be stood around the Buy Buy Baby  employee, who demonstrated the relative virtues and shortcomings of each stroller.

Moms rubbed their bellies and stared at the strollers thoughtfully, a dozen versions of blissed out visions coloring their faces. The dads rubbed their chins or smoothed out the creases in their foreheads and generally looked worried as the employee mentioned the prices of each stroller. “This model’s just $699.” The guy standing next to me inhaled sharply. And then paled completely when the employee continued: “Now keep in mind, you’re going to need more than one stroller. And a car seat. And for some of these, you’ll need a sun shade. And other accessories.”

Seriously? When I was a kid there were about four models of strollers. And they didn’t come with accessories.  

Somebody needed to bring that man a seat. I was sure he was going to pass out. I wondered if he’d let me sit down with him.

Of course I liked the stroller that was $699. I’ve always had what my mom calls champagne tastes and a beer pocketbook. It’s just that that model–the UppaBaby (which sounds either really Swedish or really ghetto)– looked so damn practical and comprehensive… compared to the Peg Perego stroller “that all the celebrities have.” “So that means I should buy it?” I heard myself say out loud. The demonstration lady shot me a look and continued, “And there’s even a papparazzi shade so no one will get pictures of your baby.” Right. Because all the soon to be parents gathered around the cluster of strollers would be shopping in person at Buy Buy Baby if they needed a papparazzi shade for their baby.

For all the eye-rolling I must have done at Buy Buy Baby, I genuinely had a good time. I liked seeing how many doo-dads have been invented since I was a kid (many of them admittedly unnecessary and utterly useless) and it was pretty exciting to think about everything to come.


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