Gift to be simple… but simple, it’s not


Just thinking about registries and showers gives me the willies… I’m always hesitant to make gift lists. I never think of the things I actually need or want until after the fact, and I waste gift-receiving opportunities, either declining them altogether or asking for stuff I don’t really need.

So I’ve been trying to put a lot of thought into a baby registry. I’d like to receive gifts that are practical, meaningful, and, especially, good for the baby and the Earth.

It’s not an easy thing, this eco-baby initiative.

You’d think with green being all the rage that a whole eco-baby industry would have sprung up. And while there are a few businesses making a tidy wad of cash by peddling eco-baby goods and gear, there are fewer than you might expect.

These are the ones I’ve found so far: (though the name is so cheesy I’m inclined to overlook this one on that basis alone)

and the one that’s my current (if pricey) favorite:

This last one is particularly attractive to me because its bricks and mortar store is in Manhattan–so, theoretically speaking, the transfer of any goods wouldn’t add considerably to our carbon footprint.

I’d love to know what you think and whether you’ve found other green baby registries you’d add to this list.


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