Why I Love Francisco…


because he’s laugh out loud funny.

Upon receiving an early baby gift, he  says,

“Oh God. Our life is about to become all about little blankets.”
Thanks for the blanket, Kelly! It’s beautiful!


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  1. Hey….i am so gladyo ulike the blanket. You know I worry about all of those things too and in the larger scheme it is always going to work out…it just miraculously does. You both have been to countries that are far worse than our own…which we cannot compare. I always have said a child needs love, nurturing and acceptance. it truly does not matter about the dish pattern, brand of toliet paper or clothes or how many toys. They won’t realize that stuff until they are in their teens….love and acceptance is all any of us want and need anyway. And that baby is gonna be smothered with kisses by aunt kelley for real!

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