Where in the World is Baby?


A couple friends, concerned that I haven’t been posting as regularly, sent e-mails to ask if the pregnancy is going ok. Was I totally flattened by the morning sickness that seems to go on all day? Had I maybe even had a miscarriage?

Fortunately, the answer to both questions is “No.” I’ve just been on the road non-stop since late January.  This baby is going places!

I first got the sense that I was pregnant in St. Kitts and came home to find out that my hunch was right. Since then, the babe and I have been to Mexico and we’re now in Brazil, where 12 and 14 hour days observing Carnaval have not been unusual. If all goes well, we’ll be headed to China this summer (more work!) and may just be able to squeeze in Lola’s and Urban’s wedding in Sweden before the baby makes its official appearance in the world… and can finally get a passport!


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  1. Y dónde va a nacer el bebé? Hay algún plan para un nacimiento en otro país? cuenten con Argentina! We have the best soccer players and the best midwives of the world!!

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