What keeps me up at night…


I know I’m getting way ahead of myself, but I can’t help it.

I’m already worried about a lot of things, things like the choice between cloth diapers and Huggies (though I think we achieved a decisive pre-parental victory last weekend when we agreed to the former). Like the decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate. Like decisions involving school (public school in New York? Are you kidding? Private school in New York? You’re really kidding.), and things like dating and adolescent decision-making.

What were my parents thinking when they acquiesced to my 15 year old request to let me study abroad in Costa Rica for the summer? Or when they supported my move to New York as a 19 year old even though they disliked it? Danger was everywhere!

Or so it seems, I think, as Francisco watches old episodes of shows like “Cold Case Files” and “Forensic Files,” which portray all young women as terribly naive and vulnerable and all creepy looking men as shiftless perverts in waiting.  They’re out there–both types–sure enough. But as parents, I hope we’ll be able to teach our child to have the common sense, observational skills, and insight that we have.

Otherwise, I’ll be spending lots of nights awake and restless.


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  1. hahaha, Julie!!
    Yo estaba igual, con la cabeza a mil!
    Tal vez un té de manzanilla pueda ayudarte con la relajación, o un baño caliente, o un masaje 😉

  2. If you don’t have a washing machine, you don’t want cloth diapers. By the way, if you go that route, I have a bunch for you. I saved them.

  3. Lau- El bano caliente si me ayuda mucho, igual que un masaje.

    Mom- Apparently, cities have evolved cloth diaper delivery and cleaning services for couples without washer/dryer combos. And if all else fails, I guess we could haul those puppies off to the laundromat, which is just a 1/2 block away.

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