Welcome to Adventure Doc’s Patients!


So, my colleague Erik quite possibly has the second coolest job in the world: he’s an “adventure doctor.”

Basically, that means that he travels around the world and makes sure that the people traveling with him stay healthy.

He’s totally qualified for the position: He’s a resident doctor in Family Medicine and has a Masters of Public Health in International Health and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies,  with a Diploma in Tropical and Travel Medicine.

Doesn’t he sound like someone you want to know?

[He also speaks four languages, is a major outdoor sports enthusiast, and has worked as a firefighter and EMT. ]

Somehow, he also finds time to write here, here, and  for Matador, where he contributes super-smart articles about taking care of your health when you’re traveling.

He just found out that I’m, as he puts it, “in the family way,” and said he’d share this blog with his pregnant patients, who often need some validation that they’re not the only ones experiencing crushing anxiety about not being able to see their feet. (Actually, he didn’t say that last part; I made it up).

So, welcome, ladies. This is your blog, too. I hope you’ll poke around, share your experiences, and find some new friends here.




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