The Baby Made Me Do It


Honestly, I know I’m not far enough along yet to really use this excuse, but I’ve already found that it works well:

“Sorry, the baby made me do it.”

Hungry at 3 AM? It’s not me; it’s the baby!

Feeling cranky? It’s not me, really, it’s not!

Restless in the bed, keeping Francisco awake? It’s the baby, the baby I say!

Not feeling like walking the dog in the morning, when it’s my turn? Mmm, the baby thinks you should walk the dog, Francisco.

I’ve already thought about how far I can ride this excuse, and I’m looking forward to angling for a subway seat and playing upon the sympathies of baby-friendly folk to get to the front of lines (especially at the post office, which I detest).

If you think I’m shameless, it’s not me.

The baby made me do it.


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  1. Oh, yeah, I’m all over this one!

    Unfortunately the symptoms of pregnancy are so similar to my normal state of being–hungry all the time, mood swings, insomnia followed by marathon bouts of sleeping–that Ibis isn’t really buying the “but it’s not me, it’s the BABY! The BABY, I tell you”

    • Ha! Well, the truth is that Francisco isn’t buying it either. He said, “But you always get hungry in the middle of the night!” 😉

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