So Far, So Good, Now What?


Isn’t pregnancy supposed to be a time when a woman gets in touch with her body… but not necessarily in a good way? You know, the famed morning sickness and all that?

I’m not far along, and I don’t want to sound too smug , but I feel fantastic. No signs of nausea, no flattening fatigue that threatens to completely reorder my days.

But the fact that I feel so good is a little worrisome. It doesn’t seem…normal. At what point do all those usual symptoms begin to appear?


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  1. Hi Julie,
    During my pregnancy I had morning sickness exactly never. Well, there was one time when we got McDonald’s on the way to the airport and I couldn’t face it, but that might have just been common sense! I hope you continue feeling great – some of us really are that lucky.

  2. I’m no expert, but I believe women’s experiences vary pretty widely. A lot of women don’t get the morning sickness, I think, and my mother maintains that her pregnancy was the greatest/healthiest time in her life, and that she has never felt better.

    (Of course, she could be contrasting her pregnancy to her years attempting to rear a teenager… Makes most anything look blissful!)

  3. That’s so good to hear, Susan. I hope I have the same luck!

    And Eva, I sure hope I can say the same thing that your mom said about pregnancy when it’s all said and done!

  4. I felt wonderful my entire pregnancy. I didn’t have any morning sickness. You will get tired in the third trimester but that is because you are carrying a full size baby with you 24/7. Don’t worry- just enjoy.

  5. For me, m/s started around 4 months and went on for about a month and a half. Not so bad, though. And everyone is different.

    Whatever the case, you’r in for a wild ride, mami.

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