*Elida is Francisco’s mom. She lives in Cuba.

I couldn’t even eat my dinner the other night because Francisco had me laughing so hard.

We were talking about how his family–who lives in Cuba–would react to the news that we’re going to have a baby.

Though he hasn’t lived with his mom since 1980 and only saw her for the first time since then last year, he does an impression of her that is spot-on.  He’s got her voice, her gestures, and her words down, though they’re impossible to imitate in writing.

So I’ll just say that I laughed until tears were streaming down my cheeks and the food was cold. And then I made a bet with Francisco: Elida would say at least one of the things he predicted when Brayan (F’s son) told her that I’m pregnant.

Brayan sent this e-mail yesterday:

“Papi- I told abuela about Julie. She said she already knew it; she had a dream about it.”

I win!


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