Pregnancy= A Legitimate Excuse to Wear Sweatpants for 9 Mos. Straight


Okay, so I can’t have cocktails.

But let’s look on the bright side: being pregnant means I have a legitimate excuse to wear sweatpants for nine months straight.

I don’t own a lot of clothing and I tend to wear the same thing–jeans (one of two pairs) and a t-shirt (from a selection of about five)–over and over. But they’re already getting tight (that probably is a result of the filet mignon, lobster tail, and chocolate cake; I’m not gonna lie.).

I know that 21st century pregnancy offers fashion options that just weren’t available during our mothers’ or grandmothers’ eras. But I detest clothes shopping and I don’t really think that the best use of a limited bank account is splurging on outfits–however adorable they might be–from A Pea in the Pod (seriously, click on that link. I’m not an envious person, but that svelte, pregnant woman just makes me sick).

Let’s face it: I’m not going to turn into someone I’m not. I mean, look at this woman: I don’t wear heels like that under normal circumstances. You think I’m going to start sporting them now?

No way. Get used to it. From now til September, it’s sweatpants.


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  1. Julie- Congrats on the pregnancy! I prefer to think of sweatpants as stretchy pants, LOL! All kidding aside….have fun weary comfy, stretchy clothes for the next 9 months.

  2. jajaaj, “until september” and for another extra nine months, dear Julie!!
    It takes 9 months to transform your body…and it takes another 9 months to bounce back…
    Layla was born in September!! When did you get pregnant?
    Another Virgo to improve the world…

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