was already taken, ok?


The mystery of the sudden weight gain has been solved.

It wasn’t the filet mignon, lobster tail in alfredo sauce, and chocolate cake I ate in St. Kitts. (Ok, maybe that was part of it. But just part.)

It was… is… a baby.

Yikes. Feels pretty weird to say that.

There was no question that I wanted to document this whole experience, and I really (I mean, really, really) wanted to name my blog babymama

But alas, it’s been taken, so we’re all stuck with 9mos.

Gotta run. The baby wants to eat some chocolate cake.


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  1. wow!! congratulations, julie. documenting the experience in a blog is a great idea, and we´re looking forward to following along.

    best wishes,
    aya + hal

    p.s. “9mos” is a cool name for a blog. 🙂

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